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Tyngsboro Youth Soccer Association

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Tyngsboro Youth Soccer Association Standings
TeamSubdivisionWLTFPTSGFGA+/-CoachA. Coach
Tyngsboro B78 ABoys 78 D.1NoneNone
Tyngsboro B34 A
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Boys 34 D3.3Christopher FloydNone
Tyngsboro B34 BBoys 34 D4.2Jason MelloNone
Tyngsboro B56 A
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Boys 56 D4.2700021361026Robert MorelRenae Deschenes-Desmond
Tyngsboro G34 A
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Girls 34 D3.2Jennifer MayoSuzanne Riley
Tyngsboro G34 B
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Girls 34 D4.2Jim ByrneJames Byrne
Tyngsboro G56 A
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Girls 56 D4.14400121221-9Jarret FrankAndy Page
Tyngsboro Games

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WKSubdivisionGame #Game TimeHome TeamScoreAway TeamField
1Girls 34 1.112149/10/22 9:00amNashoba G34 A Tyngsboro G34 ANashoba Stow Community Park
1Girls 34 4.217119/10/22 9:00amTyngsboro G34 B Maynard G34 BTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 2
1Boys 34 3.327139/10/22 10:30amTyngsboro B34 A Pepperell B34 EarthquakesTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
1Boys 34 4.228159/10/22 10:30amTownsend-Ashby B34 C Tyngsboro B34 BTownsend-Ashby Squannacook Meadows 2a
1Girls 56 3.134139/10/22 12:00pmHarvard G56 R6 - 1Tyngsboro G56 AHarvard Waite
1Boys 56 4.249129/10/22 1:30pmTyngsboro B56 A5 - 2Groton-Dunst B56 DTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 2
2Girls 34 3.212189/17/22 9:00amTyngsboro G34 A Bolton G34 ATyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
2Girls 34 4.217189/17/22 9:00amTyngsboro G34 B Lunenburg G34 BTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 2
2Boys 34 4.127199/17/22 10:30amTownsend-Ashby B34 B Tyngsboro B34 ATownsend-Ashby Squannacook Meadows 2b
2Boys 34 4.228189/17/22 10:30amTyngsboro B34 B Leominster B34 ETyngsboro Bridge Meadow 2
2Girls 56 4.134169/17/22 12:00pmTyngsboro G56 A2 - 1Groton-Dunst G56 BTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
2Boys 56 4.249179/17/22 1:30pmTyngsboro B56 A6 - 4Maynard B56 BTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 2
3Girls 34 4.112259/24/22 9:00amBolton G34 B Tyngsboro G34 ABolton Forbush B2
3Girls 34 4.117259/24/22 9:00amPepperell G34 Revolution Tyngsboro G34 BPepperell Glow 3 (7v7)
3Boys 34 4.127249/24/22 10:30amGroton-Dunst B34 E Tyngsboro B34 AGroton-Dunst Cow Pond 2A
3Boys 34 4.328289/24/22 10:30amMaynard B34 W Tyngsboro B34 BMaynard Fowler Field 3 (7v7)
3Girls 56 4.134209/24/22 12:00pmTyngsboro G56 A0 - 5Pepperell G56 UnitedTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
3Boys 56 5.149199/24/22 1:30pmGroton-Dunst B56 E4 - 5Tyngsboro B56 AGroton-Dunst Cow Pond 5
4Girls 34 3.2123110/1/22 9:00amTyngsboro G34 A Littleton G34 YellowTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
4Girls 34 4.3172910/1/22 9:00amBerlin G34 White Tyngsboro G34 BBerlin South Common
4Boys 34 3.3272810/1/22 10:30amTyngsboro B34 A Leominster B34 DTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
4Boys 34 4.2282910/1/22 10:30amTyngsboro B34 B ChairCity B34 ETyngsboro Bridge Meadow 2
4Girls 56 3.1342510/1/22 12:00pmMaynard G56 O4 - 0Tyngsboro G56 AMaynard Fowler Field 1 (9v9 and 11v11)
4Boys 56 5.1492410/1/22 1:30pmFitchburg B56 B0 - 5Tyngsboro B56 AFitchburg Moran Field
5Boys 34 4.22839UnscheduledTyngsboro B34 B Groton-Dunst B34 FTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 2
5Girls 34 3.2153110/15/22 9:00amNashoba G34 GreenB Tyngsboro G34 ANashoba Pine Bluffs
5Girls 34 4.2183110/15/22 9:00amTyngsboro G34 B Bolton G34 CTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 2
5Boys 34 3.3262710/15/22 10:30amPepperell B34 Revolution Tyngsboro B34 APepperell Glow 2 (7v7)
5Girls 56 4.1373510/15/22 12:00pmTyngsboro G56 A2 - 0Leominster G56 BTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
5Boys 56 4.2482510/15/22 1:30pmTownsend-Ashby B56 B0 - 6Tyngsboro B56 ATownsend-Ashby Squannacook Meadows 2
6Girls 34 3.2153510/22/22 9:00amTyngsboro G34 A Nashoba G34 BlackBTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
6Girls 34 4.2183610/22/22 9:00amHudson G34 C Tyngsboro G34 BHudson Quinn Middle School 1
6Boys 34 3.3263010/22/22 10:30amTyngsboro B34 A Fitchburg B34 BTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
6Boys 34 4.2284210/22/22 10:30amTyngsboro B34 B Littleton B34 OrangeTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 2
6Girls 56 4.1373710/22/22 12:00pmAyer-Shirley G56 N4 - 1Tyngsboro G56 ATyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
6Boys 56 4.2482710/22/22 1:30pmTyngsboro B56 A4 - 0Maynard B56 BTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 2
7Girls 34 3.2153910/29/22 9:00amTyngsboro G34 A Pepperell G34 UnitedTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
7Girls 34 4.2184010/29/22 9:00amTyngsboro G34 B Pepperell G34 EarthquakesTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 2
7Boys 34 3.3263410/29/22 10:30amTyngsboro B34 A Harvard B34 CannonsTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
7Boys 34 4.2284910/29/22 10:30amGroton-Dunst B34 G Tyngsboro B34 BGroton-Dunst Cow Pond 3A
7Girls 56 4.1374810/29/22 12:00pmAyer-Shirley G56 M0 - 4Tyngsboro G56 AAyer-Shirley Wilde Rd
7Boys 56 4.2482910/29/22 1:30pmTyngsboro B56 A5 - 0Ayer-Shirley B56 ZTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 2
8Girls 34 3.2154111/5/22 9:00amNashoba G34 GreenB Tyngsboro G34 ANashoba Pine Bluffs
8Girls 34 4.2184411/5/22 9:00amMaynard G34 W Tyngsboro G34 BMaynard Fowler Field 2 (7v7)
8Boys 34 3.3263711/5/22 10:30amClinton B34 C Tyngsboro B34 AClinton S. Meadow #2
8Boys 34 4.2285111/5/22 10:30amLunenburg B34 C Tyngsboro B34 BLunenburg Middle Grass Field with Bleachers
8Girls 56 4.1375311/5/22 12:00pmTyngsboro G56 A2 - 1Littleton G56 DTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
8Boys 56 4.2483211/5/22 1:30pmLunenburg B56 B - Tyngsboro B56 ALunenburg Mass Ave Field Front
Organization Members
Club PresidentGreg Kosiorek5083977668Contact
Club Vice President
Club RegistrarHeather BeltzContact
Club Treasurer
Referee AssignorJennifer Mayo978-423-5588Contact
Field Scheduler
NVYSL Representative
Boys DirectorMark Gollwitzer978-604-8650Contact
Girls DirectorRenae Deschenes-Desmond9788463633Contact
Tyngsboro Youth Soccer Association Details
Organization ID: TYNG
Organizational Colors: Red, Black & White
Organizational Address:
P.O. Box 22
Tyngsboro, MA 01879