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Tyngsboro Youth Soccer Association

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Tyngsboro Youth Soccer Association Standings
TeamSubdivisionGPWLTFPTSGFGA+/-GDACoachA. Coach
Tyngsboro B34 Red
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Boys 34 D2.20Christopher FloydJason Mello
Tyngsboro B34 White
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Boys 34 D3.30Eric FombahHeather Beltz
Tyngsboro B34 Blue
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Boys 34 D4.20Collin GreenwoodAngela Greenwood
Tyngsboro B56 ABoys 56 D3.18251072631-5-5Renae Deschenes-DesmondSteven Dyer
Tyngsboro G34 RedGirls 34 D2.10Jennifer MayoSuzanne Riley
Tyngsboro G34 White
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Girls 34 D3.10Sambath RajendranNone
Tyngsboro G56 Red
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Girls 56 D2.1861101924111311Jim ByrneJames Byrne
Tyngsboro G56 White
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Girls 56 D4.183320113033-3-2James BitherNone
Tyngsboro Games

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WKSubdivisionGame #Game TimeHome TeamScoreAway TeamField
1Girls 34 2.112139/9/23 9:00amGroton-Dunst G34 A Tyngsboro G34 RedGroton-Dunst Cow Pond 1A
1Girls 34 3.117119/9/23 9:00amTyngsboro G34 White Berlin G34 WhiteTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
1Boys 34 3.224149/9/23 10:30amChairCity B34 Orange Tyngsboro B34 RedChairCity Gardner High School
1Boys 34 3.125139/9/23 10:30amBolton B34 C Tyngsboro B34 WhiteBolton Forbush B2
1Boys 34 4.227149/9/23 10:30amTyngsboro B34 Blue Berlin B34 WhiteTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
1Girls 56 4.137119/9/23 12:00pmTyngsboro G56 White7 - 5Hudson G56 ScarletTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
1Girls 56 3.134129/9/23 12:00pmHudson G56 Red0 - 6Tyngsboro G56 RedHudson Sauta Cornfield Athletic Area 2
1Boys 56 2.144139/9/23 1:30pmPepperell B56 United2 - 4Tyngsboro B56 APepperell Varnum 1 (9v9)
2Girls 34 2.112169/16/23 9:00amTyngsboro G34 Red Harvard G34 CheetahsTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
2Girls 34 4.117179/16/23 9:00amHarvard G34 Leopards Tyngsboro G34 WhiteHarvard Waite A
2Boys 34 2.224189/16/23 10:30amTyngsboro B34 Red Harvard B34 WanderersTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
2Boys 34 3.325179/16/23 10:30amTyngsboro B34 White Townsend-Ashby B34 BTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 2
2Boys 34 4.227229/16/23 10:30amPepperell B34 Sounders Tyngsboro B34 BluePepperell Glow 3 (7v7)
2Girls 56 3.137159/16/23 12:00pmNashoba G56 C7 - 2Tyngsboro G56 WhiteNashoba Stow Community Park
2Girls 56 2.134149/16/23 12:00pmTyngsboro G56 Red3 - 2Maynard G56 OTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
2Boys 56 3.144169/16/23 1:30pmTyngsboro B56 A4 - 6Boylston B56 OliveiraTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
3Girls 34 2.112229/23/23 9:00amTyngsboro G34 Red Bolton G34 ATyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
3Girls 34 3.117229/23/23 9:00amNorthQuabbin G34 A Tyngsboro G34 WhiteNorthQuabbin Athol Royalston Middle School
3Boys 34 2.224219/23/23 10:30amTyngsboro B34 Red Pepperell B34 UnitedTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
3Boys 34 3.325229/23/23 10:30amTyngsboro B34 White Nashoba B34 B-Stow-GreenTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 2
3Boys 34 3.327259/23/23 10:30amPepperell B34 Earthquakes Tyngsboro B34 BluePepperell Glow 3 (7v7)
3Girls 56 4.137179/23/23 12:00pmTyngsboro G56 White3 - 2Maynard G56 BTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
3Girls 56 2.134199/23/23 12:00pmGroton-Dunst G56 B0 - 2Tyngsboro G56 RedGroton-Dunst Cow Pond 2
3Boys 56 3.144219/23/23 1:30pmChairCity B56 Black3 - 5Tyngsboro B56 AChairCity Gardner High School
4Boys 34 2.22429UnscheduledLeominster B34 B Tyngsboro B34 RedLeominster Samoset 7v7 (Lower Right)
4Boys 34 3.22527UnscheduledClinton B34 A Tyngsboro B34 WhiteClinton S. Meadow #1
4Girls 34 2.112269/30/23 9:00amLittleton G34 Yellow Tyngsboro G34 RedLittleton Whitcomb
4Girls 34 3.117269/30/23 9:00amTyngsboro G34 White Leominster G34 BTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
4Girls 56 4.135269/30/23 12:00pmAyer-Shirley G56 B1 - 5Tyngsboro G56 WhiteAyer-Shirley Wilde Rd
4Girls 56 2.1342110/6/23 5:15pmTyngsboro G56 Red4 - 2Littleton G56 RedTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
4Boys 56 3.1442610/9/23 5:00pmTyngsboro B56 A4 - 5Clinton B56 BTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
4Boys 34 4.2273610/9/23 5:30pmTyngsboro B34 Blue Pepperell B34 TimbersTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
5Girls 34 2.1123010/14/23 9:00amLittleton G34 Red Tyngsboro G34 RedLittleton Koerper 2
5Girls 34 3.1144510/14/23 9:00amTyngsboro G34 White Ayer-Shirley G34 KTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
5Boys 34 4.2283610/14/23 10:30amNorthQuabbin B34 White Tyngsboro B34 BlueNorthQuabbin Athol Royalston Middle School
5Boys 34 2.2222510/14/23 10:30amBerlin B34 Grey Tyngsboro B34 RedBerlin South Common
5Boys 34 3.3263010/14/23 10:30amTyngsboro B34 White Bolton B34 DTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
5Girls 56 2.1323610/14/23 12:00pmBerlin G56 Grey1 - 2Tyngsboro G56 RedBerlin South Common
5Girls 56 4.1372510/14/23 12:00pmTyngsboro G56 White7 - 8Nashoba G56 DTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
5Boys 56 3.1442810/14/23 1:30pmAyer-Shirley B56 K0 - 0Tyngsboro B56 AAyer-Shirley Wilde Rd
6Boys 34 4.22841UnscheduledLeominster B34 G Tyngsboro B34 BlueLeominster Mass Youth Soccer Field 1
6Girls 34 3.1145210/21/23 9:00amBoylston G34 Goulet Tyngsboro G34 WhiteBoylston Hillside
6Boys 34 2.2222810/21/23 10:30amTyngsboro B34 Red Groton-Dunst B34 BTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 2
6Boys 34 3.3263410/21/23 10:30amTyngsboro B34 White Maynard B34 WTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
6Girls 56 2.1324110/21/23 12:00pmTyngsboro G56 Red5 - 3Harvard G56 HurricanesTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
6Girls 56 4.1372810/21/23 12:00pmHarvard G56 Storm4 - 4Tyngsboro G56 WhiteHarvard Lower Depot
6Girls 34 2.1123310/25/23 5:00pmTyngsboro G34 Red Berlin G34 GreyBerlin South Common
6Boys 56 3.1443311/11/23 1:30pmTyngsboro B56 A6 - 7Maynard B56 OTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
7Girls 34 2.1123810/28/23 9:00amTyngsboro G34 Red Fitchburg G34 ATyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
7Girls 34 3.1146110/28/23 9:00amNashoba G34 B-Lancaster Tyngsboro G34 WhiteNashoba Lancaster Schools - Mary Rowlandson Elementary
7Boys 34 4.2284510/28/23 10:30amTyngsboro B34 Blue Groton-Dunst B34 FTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
7Boys 34 2.2222910/28/23 10:30amAyer-Shirley B34 A Tyngsboro B34 RedAyer-Shirley Wilde Rd
7Boys 34 3.3264010/28/23 10:30amMaynard B34 B Tyngsboro B34 WhiteMaynard Fowler Field 1
7Girls 56 2.1325110/28/23 12:00pmNashoba G56 B3 - 2Tyngsboro G56 RedNashoba Stow Community Park
7Girls 56 4.1373210/28/23 12:00pmTyngsboro G56 White0 - 4Fitchburg G56 ATyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
7Boys 56 3.1443610/28/23 1:30pmLittleton B56 Red3 - 2Tyngsboro B56 ALittleton Koerper 2
8Girls 34 2.1124411/4/23 9:00amNashoba G34 A-Stow Tyngsboro G34 RedNashoba Pine Bluffs
8Girls 34 3.1146811/4/23 9:00amTyngsboro G34 White Bolton G34 CTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
8Boys 34 3.3264911/4/23 10:30amTyngsboro B34 White Pepperell B34 EarthquakesTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
8Boys 34 4.2284911/4/23 10:30amAyer-Shirley B34 M Tyngsboro B34 BlueAyer-Shirley Wilde Rd
8Boys 34 2.2223211/4/23 10:30amTyngsboro B34 Red Townsend-Ashby B34 ATyngsboro Bridge Meadow 2
8Girls 56 2.1325611/4/23 12:00pmTyngsboro G56 Red0 - 0Clinton G56 ATyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
8Girls 56 3.1343811/4/23 12:00pmBerlin G56 White2 - 2Tyngsboro G56 WhiteBerlin South Common
8Boys 56 3.1444011/4/23 1:30pmTyngsboro B56 A1 - 5Townsend-Ashby B56 ATyngsboro Bridge Meadow 1
Organization Members
Club PresidentJason Mello(978) 387-3063Contact
Club Vice PresidentGreg Kosiorek5083977668Contact
Club RegistrarNora MeloContact
Club TreasurerConor Deschenes-DesmondContact
Referee AssignorJulia Smalley781-690-0805Contact
Field Scheduler
NVYSL RepresentativeJason Mello(978) 387-3063Contact
Boys DirectorAdam Boisvert9783029716Contact
Girls DirectorRenae Deschenes-Desmond(978) 846-3633Contact
Tyngsboro Youth Soccer Association Details
Organization ID: TYNG
Organizational Colors: Red, Black & White
Organizational Address:
P.O. Box 22
Tyngsboro, MA 01879