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North Quabbin United Soccer Club

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North Quabbin United Soccer Club Standings
NorthQuabbin Games

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WKSubdivisionGame #Game TimeHome TeamScoreAway TeamFieldNotes
1Girls 34 4.117144/13/24 9:00amAyer-Shirley G34 M NorthQuabbin G34 AAyer-Shirley Wilde Rd
1Boys 34 3.124124/13/24 10:30amNorthQuabbin B34 A Maynard B34 BMaynard Rockland Field
1Boys 34 5.130134/13/24 10:30amMaynard B34 S NorthQuabbin B34 BMaynard Rockland Field
1Boys 56 3.245114/13/24 2:45pmMaynard B56 B3 - 1NorthQuabbin B56 AMaynard Rockland Field
1Boys 78 2.162124/13/24 4:30pmNashoba B78 A3 - 0NorthQuabbin B78 ANashoba Regional High School - Lower Field
1Girls 9PG 1.175114/14/24 5:00pmNorthQuabbin G9PG A Tyngsboro G9PG AAyer-Shirley Regional High School
2Girls 34 4.117174/20/24 9:00amNorthQuabbin G34 A Lunenburg G34 ANorthQuabbin Athol Royalston Middle School
2Boys 34 3.124184/20/24 10:30amNorthQuabbin B34 A Ayer-Shirley B34 BNorthQuabbin Athol Royalston Middle School
2Boys 34 5.130184/20/24 10:30amTyngsboro B34 Black NorthQuabbin B34 BTyngsboro Bridge Meadow 2
2Boys 56 3.245194/20/24 1:30pmNorthQuabbin B56 A - Harvard B56 StormNorthQuabbin Athol Royalston Middle School
2Boys 78 2.162204/20/24 4:30pmNorthQuabbin B78 A - Berlin B78 GreyNorthQuabbin Athol Royalston Middle School
2Girls 9PG 1.175174/20/24 6:00pmMaynard G9PG O NorthQuabbin G9PG AMaynard Fowler Field 1
3Girls 34 4.117244/27/24 9:00amHarvard G34 Tigers NorthQuabbin G34 AHarvard Waite A
3Boys 34 3.124224/27/24 10:30amNashoba B34 B-Stow-Green NorthQuabbin B34 ANashoba Pine Bluffs 2
3Boys 34 5.130244/27/24 10:30amNorthQuabbin B34 B Nashoba B34 Stow-YellowNorthQuabbin Athol Royalston Middle School
3Boys 56 3.245244/27/24 1:30pmLunenburg B56 B - NorthQuabbin B56 ALunenburg Middle Grass Field West (TCP)
3Boys 78 2.162264/27/24 4:30pmNorthQuabbin B78 A - Oakmont B78 ANorthQuabbin Athol Royalston Middle School
3Girls 9PG 1.175244/28/24 1:00pmNorthQuabbin G9PG A Pepperell G9PG UnitedNorthQuabbin Athol Royalston Middle School
4Girls 34 4.117305/4/24 9:00amNorthQuabbin G34 A Maynard G34 BNorthQuabbin Athol Royalston Middle School
4Boys 34 3.124295/4/24 10:30amChairCity B34 Black NorthQuabbin B34 AChairCity Gardner High School
4Boys 34 5.130285/4/24 10:30amNorthQuabbin B34 B Lunenburg B34 DNorthQuabbin Athol Royalston Middle School
4Boys 56 3.245335/4/24 1:30pmNorthQuabbin B56 A - ChairCity B56 OrangeNorthQuabbin Athol Royalston Middle School
4Boys 78 2.162295/4/24 4:30pmHarvard B78 A - NorthQuabbin B78 AHarvard Park
4Girls 9PG 1.175275/5/24 3:00pmNorthQuabbin G9PG A Ayer-Shirley G9PG AHarvard Park
5Girls 9PG 1.175355/12/24 1:00pmOakmont G9PG A NorthQuabbin G9PG AOakmont TRW Field Across from Wachusett Brewery
6Girls 9PG 1.175365/19/24 3:00pmFitchburg G9PG A NorthQuabbin G9PG ALunenburg Middle Grass Field with Bleachers
7Girls 9PG 1.175456/2/24 1:00pmLittleton G9PG A NorthQuabbin G9PG ALittleton Koerper Field
8Girls 9PG 1.175506/9/24 5:00pmNorthQuabbin G9PG A Leominster G9PG HSAyer-Shirley Wilde Rd
Organization Members
Club PresidentMatthew L'Ecuyer9786020294
Club Vice PresidentMathias Correa978-502-3319
Club RegistrarKristen Archambault978-340-4987
Club Treasurer
Referee AssignorMathias Correa978-502-3319
Field SchedulerMatthew L'Ecuyer9786020294
NVYSL RepresentativeChelsia Torchia978-577-7275
Boys Director
Girls Director
North Quabbin United Soccer Club Details
Organization ID: NQUB
Organizational Colors: Red, Black, and White
Organizational Address:
545 Main St
Athol, MA 01331