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Spring 2023

Fitchburg Youth Soccer

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Fitchburg Games

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WKSubdivisionGame #Game TimeHome TeamScoreAway TeamField
1Girls 34 4.217134/15/23 9:00amBolton G34 C Fitchburg G34 BBolton Forbush B2
1Girls 34 2.113114/15/23 9:00amBolton G34 A Fitchburg G34 ABolton Forbush B1
1Boys 34 3.226124/15/23 10:30amPepperell B34 Sounders Fitchburg B34 BPepperell Glow 3 (7v7)
1Boys 34 2.122124/15/23 10:30amLunenburg B34 A Fitchburg B34 ALunenburg Middle Grass Field with Bleachers
1Boys 34 4.230144/15/23 10:30amFitchburg B34 C ChairCity B34 EFitchburg High School
1Girls 56 1.131114/15/23 12:00pmFitchburg G56 A5 - 0Littleton G56 AFitchburg Moran Field
1Girls 56 3.134154/15/23 12:00pmOakmont G56 B1 - 3Fitchburg G56 BOakmont TRW Field Across from Wachusett Brewery
1Boys 56 2.142144/15/23 1:30pmFitchburg B56 A4 - 0Maynard B56 OFitchburg Moran Field
1Boys 56 4.147144/15/23 1:30pmNashoba B56 C-Black4 - 6Fitchburg B56 BNashoba Lancaster Schools - Mary Rowlandson Elementary
1Girls 78 1.151134/15/23 3:00pmFitchburg G78 A0 - 5Groton-Dunst G78 AFitchburg Moran Field
1Boys 78 4.164124/15/23 4:30pmNashoba B78 B-Black0 - 5Fitchburg B78 ANashoba Pine Bluffs
1Girls 9PG 1.175144/16/23 1:00pmMaynard G9PG O Fitchburg G9PG AMaynard Fowler Field 1 (9v9 and 11v11)
1Girls 910 1.171124/16/23 3:00pmFitchburg G910 A1 - FGroton-Dunst G910 JVHarvard Park
1Boys 9PG 1.185124/16/23 5:00pmFitchburg B9PG A Maynard B9PG OMaynard Fowler Field 1 (9v9 and 11v11)
2Girls 910 1.17114UnscheduledPepperell G910 Revolution - Fitchburg G910 APepperell Leao 1 (11v11)
2Girls 34 1.113144/22/23 9:00amFitchburg G34 A Leominster G34 AFitchburg High School
2Girls 34 3.117154/22/23 9:00amBoylston G34 Deglialberti Fitchburg G34 BBoylston Hillside
2Boys 34 3.226184/22/23 10:30amLunenburg B34 B Fitchburg B34 BLunenburg Mass Ave Field Front
2Boys 34 2.122144/22/23 10:30amFitchburg B34 A Groton-Dunst B34 BFitchburg High School
2Boys 34 4.230174/22/23 10:30amFitchburg B34 C Pepperell B34 TimbersFitchburg High School
2Girls 56 1.131154/22/23 12:00pmGroton-Dunst G56 A0 - 1Fitchburg G56 AGroton-Dunst Cow Pond 1
2Girls 56 3.134224/22/23 12:00pmFitchburg G56 B1 - 5Maynard G56 OFitchburg Moran Field
2Boys 56 2.142184/22/23 1:30pmHarvard B56 H2 - 0Fitchburg B56 AHarvard Waite
2Boys 56 4.147174/22/23 1:30pmFitchburg B56 B8 - 4Leominster B56 CFitchburg Moran Field
2Girls 78 1.151164/22/23 3:00pmLunenburg G78 A3 - 1Fitchburg G78 ALunenburg Middle Grass Field with Bleachers
2Boys 78 3.164154/22/23 4:30pmFitchburg B78 A3 - 3Oakmont B78 AFitchburg Moran Field
2Boys 9PG 1.185184/29/23 6:00pmFitchburg B9PG A Clinton B9PG AFitchburg Moran Field
2Girls 9PG 1.175185/1/23 6:00pmFitchburg G9PG A Pepperell G9PG UnitedPepperell Leao 1 (11v11)
3Girls 910 1.171164/28/23 6:00pmFitchburg G910 A2 - 2Littleton G910 ALittleton Koerper Field
3Girls 34 1.113164/29/23 9:00amFitchburg G34 A Pepperell G34 UnitedFitchburg High School
3Girls 34 3.217214/29/23 9:00amFitchburg G34 B Harvard G34 LeopardsFitchburg High School
3Boys 34 3.126224/29/23 10:30amFitchburg B34 B Leominster B34 DFitchburg High School
3Boys 34 2.122194/29/23 10:30amFitchburg B34 A ChairCity B34 KFitchburg High School
3Boys 34 4.230224/29/23 10:30amLittleton B34 Green Fitchburg B34 CLittleton Community Track
3Girls 56 1.131174/29/23 12:00pmOakmont G56 A4 - 1Fitchburg G56 AOakmont TRW Field Across from Wachusett Brewery
3Girls 56 3.134264/29/23 12:00pmFitchburg G56 B2 - 0Bolton G56 BFitchburg Moran Field
3Boys 56 2.142244/29/23 1:30pmFitchburg B56 A1 - 4Oakmont B56 AFitchburg Moran Field
3Boys 56 3.347254/29/23 1:30pmHarvard B56 E5 - 3Fitchburg B56 BHarvard Upper Depot
3Girls 78 1.151174/29/23 3:00pmFitchburg G78 A2 - 6Oakmont G78 AFitchburg Moran Field
3Boys 78 3.164174/29/23 4:30pmFitchburg B78 A1 - 3Bolton B78 AFitchburg Moran Field
3Girls 9PG 1.175244/30/23 3:00pmFitchburg G9PG A Leominster G9PG HSTownsend-Ashby Squannacook Meadows 1
3Boys 9PG 1.185254/30/23 5:00pmTownsend-Ashby B9PG A Fitchburg B9PG ATownsend-Ashby Squannacook Meadows 1
4Girls 34 2.113175/6/23 9:00amLeominster G34 A Fitchburg G34 ALeominster Samoset 7v7 (Lower Right)
4Girls 34 3.217265/6/23 9:00amFitchburg G34 B Nashoba G34 B-LancasterFitchburg High School
4Boys 34 3.126295/6/23 10:30amFitchburg B34 B Clinton B34 CFitchburg High School
4Boys 34 2.122215/6/23 10:30amLittleton B34 White Fitchburg B34 ALittleton Koerper Field
4Boys 34 4.230255/6/23 10:30amLeominster B34 F Fitchburg B34 CLeominster Softball - 7v7 & 9v9
4Girls 56 1.131205/6/23 12:00pmFitchburg G56 A2 - 2Ayer-Shirley G56 AFitchburg Moran Field
4Girls 56 4.134295/6/23 12:00pmLeominster G56 B1 - 3Fitchburg G56 BLeominster Samoset 9v9
4Boys 56 3.142305/6/23 1:30pmClinton B56 C3 - 8Fitchburg B56 AClinton S. Meadow
4Boys 56 4.147295/6/23 1:30pmFitchburg B56 B2 - 6Clinton B56 BFitchburg Moran Field
4Girls 78 1.151205/6/23 3:00pmLittleton G78 A6 - 0Fitchburg G78 ALittleton Koerper Field
4Boys 78 3.164205/6/23 4:30pmNashoba B78 B-Green2 - 6Fitchburg B78 ANashoba Pine Bluffs
4Boys 9PG 1.185295/6/23 6:00pmOakmont B9PG BHS Fitchburg B9PG AOakmont TRW Field Across from Wachusett Brewery
4Girls 910 1.171185/7/23 1:00pmPepperell G910 Revolution1 - 1Fitchburg G910 APepperell Leao 1 (11v11)
4Girls 9PG 1.175275/7/23 3:00pmOakmont G9PG GHS Fitchburg G9PG ALunenburg Middle Grass Field with Bleachers
5Girls 34 3.215255/13/23 9:00amClinton G34 B Fitchburg G34 BClinton S. Meadow
5Girls 34 1.111235/13/23 9:00amFitchburg G34 A Hudson G34 BFitchburg High School
5Boys 34 2.121205/13/23 10:30amFitchburg B34 A Nashoba B34 A-StowFitchburg High School
5Boys 34 4.228295/13/23 10:30amClinton B34 D Fitchburg B34 CClinton S. Meadow
5Boys 34 3.124235/13/23 10:30amFitchburg B34 B Littleton B34 MaroonFitchburg High School
5Girls 56 3.134375/13/23 12:00pmFitchburg G56 B0 - 5Nashoba G56 BFitchburg Moran Field
5Boys 56 2.142335/13/23 1:30pmFitchburg B56 A - Pepperell B56 UnitedFitchburg Moran Field
5Boys 56 4.147325/13/23 1:30pmLunenburg B56 B0 - 4Fitchburg B56 BLunenburg Mass Ave Field Front
5Girls 78 1.151235/13/23 3:00pmFitchburg G78 A1 - 5Pepperell G78 UnitedFitchburg Moran Field
5Girls 9PG 1.175325/14/23 1:00pmFitchburg G9PG A Littleton G9PG AFitchburg Moran Field
5Girls 910 1.171205/14/23 3:00pmFitchburg G910 A0 - 1Littleton G910 AFitchburg Moran Field
5Boys 9PG 1.185345/14/23 5:00pmFitchburg B9PG A Harvard B9PG VarsityFitchburg Moran Field
5Boys 78 3.164235/25/23 6:30pmBerlin B78 White - Fitchburg B78 ABerlin Berlin South Common
6Girls 78 1.15126UnscheduledLunenburg G78 A - Fitchburg G78 ALunenburg Middle Grass Field with Bleachers
6Boys 78 3.16428UnscheduledFitchburg B78 A - Maynard B78 OFitchburg Moran Field
6Girls 34 3.215265/20/23 9:00amHarvard G34 Tigers Fitchburg G34 BHarvard Waite B
6Girls 34 1.111265/20/23 9:00amFitchburg G34 A Hudson G34 AFitchburg High School
6Boys 34 4.228335/20/23 10:30amFitchburg B34 C Littleton B34 OrangeFitchburg High School
6Boys 34 3.124265/20/23 10:30amGroton-Dunst B34 C Fitchburg B34 BGroton-Dunst Cow Pond 2A
6Girls 56 3.134415/20/23 12:00pmPepperell G56 United3 - 2Fitchburg G56 BPepperell Varnum 1 (9v9)
6Girls 56 1.131275/20/23 12:00pmOakmont G56 A1 - 0Fitchburg G56 AOakmont TRW Field Across from Wachusett Brewery
6Boys 56 2.142385/20/23 1:30pmFitchburg B56 A6 - 1Ayer-Shirley B56 AFitchburg Moran Field
6Boys 56 4.147345/20/23 1:30pmOakmont B56 B4 - 6Fitchburg B56 BOakmont TRW Field Across from Wachusett Brewery
6Girls 910 1.171225/21/23 1:00pmGroton-Dunst G910 JV - Fitchburg G910 AFitchburg Moran Field
6Girls 9PG 1.175375/21/23 3:00pmGroton-Dunst G9PG V Fitchburg G9PG AFitchburg Moran Field
6Boys 9PG 1.185375/21/23 5:00pmNashoba B9PG A Fitchburg B9PG AFitchburg Moran Field
6Boys 34 2.121245/24/23 6:00pmHarvard B34 Tornados Fitchburg B34 AHarvard Upper Depot
6Girls 56 1.131285/25/23 6:00pmFitchburg G56 A1 - 1Groton-Dunst G56 AFitchburg Moran Field
7Boys 34 2.12132UnscheduledFitchburg B34 A ChairCity B34 KFitchburg High School
7Girls 34 3.215316/3/23 9:00amFitchburg G34 B Groton-Dunst G34 BFitchburg High School
7Girls 34 1.111356/3/23 9:00amLittleton G34 Yellow Fitchburg G34 ALittleton Koerper Field
7Boys 34 4.228386/3/23 10:30amLeominster B34 E Fitchburg B34 CLeominster Samoset 7v7 (Upper)
7Boys 34 3.124316/3/23 10:30amFitchburg B34 B Hudson B34 AFitchburg High School
7Girls 56 3.134456/3/23 12:00pmFitchburg G56 B - Clinton G56 BFitchburg Moran Field
7Girls 56 1.131316/3/23 12:00pmAyer-Shirley G56 A - Fitchburg G56 AAyer-Shirley Wilde Rd
7Boys 56 2.142416/3/23 1:30pmHarvard B56 W - Fitchburg B56 AHarvard Waite
7Boys 56 4.147396/3/23 1:30pmFitchburg B56 B - Ayer-Shirley B56 NFitchburg Moran Field
7Girls 78 1.151296/3/23 3:00pmFitchburg G78 A - Groton-Dunst G78 AFitchburg Moran Field
7Boys 78 3.164346/3/23 4:30pmFitchburg B78 A - Leominster B78 BFitchburg Moran Field
7Girls 910 1.171246/4/23 1:00pmFitchburg G910 A - Pepperell G910 RevolutionFitchburg Moran Field
7Girls 9PG 1.175416/4/23 3:00pmHudson G9PG A Fitchburg G9PG AFitchburg Moran Field
7Boys 9PG 1.185416/4/23 5:00pmFitchburg B9PG A Leominster B9PG HSFitchburg Moran Field
8Girls 34 3.215326/10/23 9:00amFitchburg G34 B Littleton G34 RedFitchburg High School
8Girls 34 1.111386/10/23 9:00amGroton-Dunst G34 A Fitchburg G34 AGroton-Dunst Cow Pond 1A
8Boys 34 2.121316/10/23 10:30amLunenburg B34 A Fitchburg B34 ALunenburg Middle Grass Field with Bleachers
8Boys 34 4.228416/10/23 10:30amFitchburg B34 C Pepperell B34 EarthquakesFitchburg High School
8Boys 34 3.124326/10/23 10:30amLeominster B34 C Fitchburg B34 BLeominster Samoset 7v7 (Upper)
8Girls 56 3.134526/10/23 12:00pmClinton G56 A - Fitchburg G56 BClinton S. Meadow
8Girls 56 1.131336/10/23 12:00pmFitchburg G56 A - Littleton G56 AFitchburg Moran Field
8Boys 56 2.142456/10/23 1:30pmBolton B56 A - Fitchburg B56 ABolton Forbush A
8Boys 56 4.147416/10/23 1:30pmFitchburg B56 B - Ayer-Shirley B56 MFitchburg Moran Field
8Girls 78 1.151336/10/23 3:00pmPepperell G78 United - Fitchburg G78 APepperell Leao 1 (11v11)
8Boys 78 3.164376/10/23 4:30pmOakmont B78 A - Fitchburg B78 AOakmont TRW Field Across from Wachusett Brewery
8Girls 9PG 1.175466/11/23 1:00pmFitchburg G9PG A Lunenburg G9PG GHSLunenburg Middle Grass Field with Bleachers
8Boys 9PG 1.185466/11/23 5:00pmLunenburg B9PG BHS Fitchburg B9PG ALunenburg Middle Grass Field with Bleachers
8Girls 910 1.171266/11/23 5:00pmLittleton G910 A - Fitchburg G910 ATownsend-Ashby Squannacook Meadows 1
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NVYSL RepresentativePaul Cosgrove9786027049Contact
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