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Spring 2024

Fitchburg Youth Soccer

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Fitchburg Games

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WKSubdivisionGame #Game TimeHome TeamScoreAway TeamFieldNotes
1Boys 56 4.14713UnscheduledLeominster B56 D - Fitchburg B56 RedLeominster Softball - 7v7 & 9v9
1Boys 56 4.14714UnscheduledFitchburg B56 Black - Ayer-Shirley B56 MFitchburg Moran Field
1Boys 34 4.22815UnscheduledFitchburg B34 B Berlin B34 WhiteFitchburg High School
1Girls 9PG 1.17513UnscheduledAyer-Shirley G9PG A Fitchburg G9PG AAyer-Shirley Regional High School
1Boys 9PG 1.18512UnscheduledFitchburg B9PG A Lunenburg B9PG BHSLunenburg Middle Grass Field with Bleachers
1Girls 34 2.11213UnscheduledFitchburg G34 A Nashoba G34 A-StowFitchburg High School
1Girls 78 1.15113UnscheduledFitchburg G78 A - Oakmont G78 AFitchburg Moran Field
1Girls 34 4.21814UnscheduledFitchburg G34 B Leominster G34 DFitchburg High School
1Boys 78 1.16112UnscheduledFitchburg B78 A - Littleton B78 AFitchburg Moran Field
1Boys 34 4.329134/13/24 10:30amLittleton B34 Maroon Fitchburg B34 CLittleton Koerper 2
1Girls 78 3.154174/13/24 3:00pmTyngsboro G78 A1 - 5Fitchburg G78 BTyngsboro Elementary School
1Boys 78 4.167124/13/24 4:30pmGroton-Dunst B78 B1 - 2Fitchburg B78 BGroton-Dunst Cow Pond 2
1Boys 56 1.141124/21/24 5:00pmFitchburg B56 A - Nashoba B56 AFitchburg Moran Field
1Girls 56 4.137114/23/24 5:30pmFitchburg G56 A - Maynard G56 BFitchburg Moran Field
1Boys 34 1.120134/26/24 5:30pmLeominster B34 A Fitchburg B34 ALeominster Samoset 7v7 (Lower Right)
2Boys 78 1.16116UnscheduledLeominster B78 A - Fitchburg B78 ALeominster Samoset 11v11
2Girls 78 3.15421UnscheduledFitchburg G78 B - Leominster G78 BFitchburg Moran Field
2Girls 34 4.218174/20/24 9:00amLittleton G34 Navy Fitchburg G34 BLittleton High School
2Boys 34 4.228204/20/24 10:30amFitchburg B34 B Clinton B34 DFitchburg High School
2Boys 34 4.329184/20/24 10:30amNashoba B34 Stow-White Fitchburg B34 CNashoba Pine Bluffs 1
2Boys 34 1.120204/20/24 10:30amFitchburg B34 A Leominster B34 BFitchburg High School
2Girls 56 4.137194/20/24 12:00pmFitchburg G56 A - Ayer-Shirley G56 BFitchburg Moran Field
2Boys 56 4.147184/20/24 1:30pmLeominster B56 C - Fitchburg B56 BlackLeominster Softball - 7v7 & 9v9
2Boys 56 4.147204/20/24 1:30pmFitchburg B56 Red - Ayer-Shirley B56 MFitchburg Moran Field
2Girls 78 1.151154/20/24 3:00pmLeominster G78 A - Fitchburg G78 ALeominster Samoset 11v11
2Boys 78 4.167164/20/24 4:30pmFitchburg B78 B - Pepperell B78 RevolutionFitchburg Moran Field
2Girls 9PG 1.175204/21/24 3:00pmFitchburg G9PG A Maynard G9PG ONashoba Forbush Fields
2Boys 9PG 1.185164/21/24 5:00pmNashoba B9PG A Fitchburg B9PG ANashoba Forbush Fields
2Girls 34 2.112174/24/24 6:00pmLittleton G34 Yellow Fitchburg G34 ALittleton Koerper 1
2Boys 56 1.141154/28/24 5:00pmGroton-Dunst B56 A - Fitchburg B56 AGroton-Dunst Cow Pond 2
3Girls 34 2.112224/27/24 9:00amFitchburg G34 A Berlin G34 GreyFitchburg High School
3Girls 34 4.218244/27/24 9:00amAyer-Shirley G34 N Fitchburg G34 BAyer-Shirley Wilde Rd
3Boys 34 4.228234/27/24 10:30amChairCity B34 Gray Fitchburg B34 BFitchburg High School
3Boys 34 4.329194/27/24 10:30amFitchburg B34 C Boylston B34 SuhlFitchburg High School
3Boys 34 1.120254/27/24 10:30amBolton B34 A Fitchburg B34 ABolton Forbush B1
3Girls 56 4.137234/27/24 12:00pmBoylston G56 Hunter - Fitchburg G56 ABoylston Hillside
3Boys 56 4.147214/27/24 1:30pmLittleton B56 Red - Fitchburg B56 RedLittleton Koerper 1
3Boys 56 4.147234/27/24 1:30pmFitchburg B56 Black - Ayer-Shirley B56 NFitchburg Moran Field
3Boys 56 1.141174/27/24 1:30pmFitchburg B56 A - Leominster B56 AFitchburg Moran Field
3Girls 78 1.151184/27/24 3:00pmFitchburg G78 A - Groton-Dunst G78 AFitchburg Moran Field
3Girls 78 3.154304/27/24 3:00pmHarvard G78 S - Fitchburg G78 BHarvard Park
3Boys 78 1.161194/27/24 4:30pmFitchburg B78 A - Groton-Dunst B78 AFitchburg Moran Field
3Boys 78 4.167224/27/24 4:30pmLunenburg B78 B - Fitchburg B78 BLunenburg Middle Grass Field West (TCP)
3Girls 9PG 1.175234/28/24 1:00pmFitchburg G9PG A Tyngsboro G9PG ATyngsboro Elementary School
3Boys 9PG 1.185214/28/24 5:00pmFitchburg B9PG A Maynard B9PG OMaynard Fowler Field 1
4Boys 78 1.16122UnscheduledHudson B78 Crimson - Fitchburg B78 AHudson Sauta Cornfield Athletic Area 11v11
4Girls 9PG 1.175304/27/24 6:00pmLittleton G9PG A Fitchburg G9PG ALittleton Koerper Field
4Girls 34 2.112285/4/24 9:00amLittleton G34 Red Fitchburg G34 ALittleton Koerper 1
4Girls 34 4.218265/4/24 9:00amFitchburg G34 B Townsend-Ashby G34 LightningFitchburg High School
4Boys 34 4.228305/4/24 10:30amLeominster B34 H Fitchburg B34 BLeominster Progin Park Mass Youth Soccer FieldField 4A
4Boys 34 4.329245/4/24 10:30amFitchburg B34 C Pepperell B34 SoundersFitchburg High School
4Boys 34 1.120275/4/24 10:30amFitchburg B34 A Littleton B34 YellowFitchburg High School
4Girls 56 4.137285/4/24 12:00pmHarvard G56 Storm - Fitchburg G56 AHarvard Upper Depot
4Boys 56 4.147275/4/24 1:30pmFitchburg B56 Red - Ayer-Shirley B56 NFitchburg Moran Field
4Boys 56 4.147305/4/24 1:30pmTownsend-Ashby B56 Lightning - Fitchburg B56 BlackTownsend-Ashby Squannacook Meadows 2
4Boys 56 1.141215/4/24 1:30pmNashoba B56 A - Fitchburg B56 ANashoba Pine Bluffs 1
4Girls 78 1.151205/4/24 3:00pmOakmont G78 A - Fitchburg G78 AOakmont TRW Field Across from Wachusett Brewery
4Girls 78 3.154385/4/24 3:00pmFitchburg G78 B - Nashoba G78 BFitchburg Moran Field
4Boys 78 4.167245/4/24 4:30pmFitchburg B78 B - Leominster B78 CFitchburg Moran Field
4Boys 9PG 1.185265/5/24 5:00pmTownsend-Ashby B9PG Thunder Fitchburg B9PG AHarvard Park
5Boys 56 1.141235/11/24 1:30pmClinton B56 A - Fitchburg B56 AClinton S. Meadow #3
5Girls 78 1.151255/11/24 3:00pmFitchburg G78 A - Leominster G78 AFitchburg Moran Field
5Boys 78 1.161255/11/24 4:30pmFitchburg B78 A - Leominster B78 AFitchburg Moran Field
5Girls 9PG 1.175345/12/24 3:00pmPepperell G9PG United Fitchburg G9PG AFitchburg Moran Field
5Boys 9PG 1.185275/12/24 5:00pmFitchburg B9PG A Tyngsboro B9PG AFitchburg Moran Field
6Boys 56 1.141275/18/24 1:30pmFitchburg B56 A - Harvard B56 AvalancheFitchburg Moran Field
6Girls 78 1.151275/18/24 3:00pmTownsend-Ashby G78 Thunder - Fitchburg G78 ATownsend-Ashby Squannacook Meadows 1
6Boys 78 1.161285/18/24 4:30pmLittleton B78 A - Fitchburg B78 ALittleton Koerper Field
6Girls 9PG 1.175365/19/24 3:00pmFitchburg G9PG A NorthQuabbin G9PG ALunenburg Middle Grass Field with Bleachers
6Boys 9PG 1.185345/19/24 5:00pmOakmont B9PG A Fitchburg B9PG AOakmont TRW Field Across from Wachusett Brewery
7Boys 56 1.141316/1/24 1:30pmFitchburg B56 A - Groton-Dunst B56 AFitchburg Moran Field
7Girls 78 1.151306/1/24 3:00pmGroton-Dunst G78 A - Fitchburg G78 AGroton-Dunst Cow Pond 1
7Boys 78 1.161296/1/24 4:30pmFitchburg B78 A - Groton-Dunst B78 AFitchburg Moran Field
7Girls 9PG 1.175446/2/24 3:00pmFitchburg G9PG A Leominster G9PG HSFitchburg Moran Field
7Boys 9PG 1.185366/2/24 5:00pmFitchburg B9PG A Leominster B9PG HSFitchburg Moran Field
8Boys 56 1.141336/8/24 1:30pmLeominster B56 A - Fitchburg B56 ALeominster Samoset 9v9
8Girls 78 1.151336/8/24 3:00pmFitchburg G78 A - Pepperell G78 UnitedFitchburg Moran Field
8Boys 78 1.161326/8/24 4:30pmHudson B78 Crimson - Fitchburg B78 AHudson Sauta Cornfield Athletic Area 11v11
8Girls 9PG 1.175476/9/24 3:00pmOakmont G9PG A Fitchburg G9PG AFitchburg Moran Field
8Boys 9PG 1.185426/9/24 5:00pmLunenburg B9PG BHS Fitchburg B9PG AFitchburg Moran Field
Organization Members
Club PresidentPaul Cosgrove9786027049
Club Vice President
Club RegistrarDarlene Bergeron978-342-9028
Club Treasurer
Referee Assignor
Field Scheduler
NVYSL RepresentativePaul Cosgrove9786027049
Boys Director
Girls Director
Fitchburg Youth Soccer Details
Organization ID: FITC
Organizational Colors: black/red
Organizational Address: