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Clinton Youth Soccer

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Clinton Youth Soccer Standings
TeamSubdivisionWLTFPTSGFGA+/-CoachA. Coach
Clinton B34 A
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Boys 34 D2.2Matthew BamforthRosalio Cardenas
Clinton B34 B
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Boys 34 D2.2Victor StephensRafael Guerra
Clinton B34 CBoys 34 D3.3Andrea O’TooleNone
Clinton B34 D
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Boys 34 D4.2Daniel OrtegaEmmanuel Martin
Clinton B56 A
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Boys 56 D3.1510015391524Sean KerriganNone
Clinton B56 C
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Boys 56 D3.1240062431-7Jim GoodingNone
Clinton B56 B
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Boys 56 D3.33200922166Elias BeserraJeffrey Groom
Clinton B78 ABoys 78 D2.1140031320-7Daniel LemanskiEdward Tierney
Clinton B9PG ABoys 9PG D1.106000031-31Matt BlazeNone
Clinton G34 AGirls 34 D1.1Katie KellemeyerKevin Place
Clinton G34 B
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Girls 34 D3.2Leah McNallyPeter Moran
Clinton G34 C
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Girls 34 D4.2Kimberly OliveiraBryan Olds
Clinton G56 A
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Girls 56 D3.1231072023-3Joseph BletteMaya Pagoaga
Clinton G56 B
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Girls 56 D3.133009919-10Laura ValleyLisa Zancewicz
Clinton G78 AGirls 78 D.1NoneNone
Clinton Games

The games are grouped initially by Game Date. You may click on a column heading to sort in any fashion you desire.

WKSubdivisionGame #Game TimeHome TeamScoreAway TeamField
1Girls 34 3.216124/15/23 9:00amHarvard G34 Tigers Clinton G34 BHarvard Waite A
1Girls 34 4.219124/15/23 9:00amClinton G34 C Maynard G34 WClinton S. Meadow
1Girls 34 1.111124/15/23 9:00amClinton G34 A Groton-Dunst G34 AClinton S. Meadow
1Boys 34 2.224124/15/23 10:30amClinton B34 A Townsend-Ashby B34 AClinton S. Meadow
1Boys 34 3.326134/15/23 10:30amClinton B34 C Boylston B34 GarveyClinton S. Meadow
1Boys 34 4.230124/15/23 10:30amPepperell B34 Timbers Clinton B34 DPepperell Glow 4 (7v7)
1Boys 34 2.223154/15/23 10:30amBerlin B34 Grey Clinton B34 BBerlin Berlin South Common
1Girls 56 3.132134/15/23 12:00pmClinton G56 A2 - 6Lunenburg G56 AClinton S. Meadow
1Girls 56 3.132164/15/23 12:00pmClinton G56 B0 - 5Nashoba G56 AClinton S. Meadow
1Boys 56 2.142134/15/23 1:30pmBolton B56 A10 - 6Clinton B56 CBolton Forbush A
1Boys 56 3.148124/15/23 1:30pmClinton B56 A7 - 1Maynard B56 WClinton S. Meadow
1Boys 56 3.347154/15/23 1:30pmClinton B56 B5 - 8Leominster B56 CClinton S. Meadow
1Boys 78 2.162114/15/23 4:30pmChairCity B78 O2 - 7Clinton B78 AChairCity Gardner High School
1Boys 9PG 1.185145/6/23 6:00pmClinton B9PG A Townsend-Ashby B9PG AClinton S. Meadow 11v11
2Girls 34 3.216154/22/23 9:00amClinton G34 B Littleton G34 NavyClinton S. Meadow
2Girls 34 4.119174/22/23 9:00amHudson G34 C Clinton G34 CHudson Quinn Middle School 1
2Girls 34 1.111134/22/23 9:00amLittleton G34 Yellow Clinton G34 ALittleton Koerper Field
2Boys 34 2.223204/22/23 10:30amClinton B34 B Maynard B34 OClinton S. Meadow
2Boys 34 3.326164/22/23 10:30amClinton B34 C Pepperell B34 SoundersClinton S. Meadow
2Boys 34 4.230184/22/23 10:30amLittleton B34 Green Clinton B34 DLittleton Community Track
2Girls 56 2.132184/22/23 12:00pmLeominster G56 A6 - 1Clinton G56 BLeominster Samoset 9v9
2Boys 56 2.142164/22/23 1:30pmMaynard B56 O4 - 3Clinton B56 CMaynard Fowler Field 1 (9v9 and 11v11)
2Boys 56 3.148154/22/23 1:30pmClinton B56 A8 - 3Groton-Dunst B56 DClinton S. Meadow
2Boys 78 2.162174/22/23 4:30pmClinton B78 A2 - 3Ayer-Shirley B78 AClinton S. Meadow
2Boys 56 3.347184/27/23 5:30pmClinton B56 B3 - 2Harvard B56 EClinton S. Meadow
2Boys 9PG 1.185184/29/23 6:00pmFitchburg B9PG A Clinton B9PG AFitchburg Moran Field
2Boys 34 2.324165/6/23 12:45pmLittleton B34 Red Clinton B34 ALittleton Community Track
3Girls 56 2.132334/22/23 12:00pmLittleton G56 B1 - 6Clinton G56 ALittleton Koerper Field
3Girls 56 3.132264/27/23 6:00pmClinton G56 B0 - 6Townsend-Ashby G56 AClinton S. Meadow
3Girls 34 2.116194/29/23 9:00amPepperell G34 Revolution Clinton G34 BPepperell Glow 1 (7v7)
3Girls 34 4.119214/29/23 9:00amBerlin G34 White Clinton G34 CBerlin Berlin South Common
3Girls 34 1.111154/29/23 9:00amClinton G34 A Hudson G34 AClinton S. Meadow
3Boys 34 2.223244/29/23 10:30amClinton B34 B Bolton B34 BClinton S. Meadow
3Boys 34 2.324194/29/23 10:30amHarvard B34 Falcons Clinton B34 AHarvard Waite B
3Boys 34 3.226254/29/23 10:30amBolton B34 C Clinton B34 CBolton Forbush B2
3Boys 34 4.230214/29/23 10:30amClinton B34 D Maynard B34 GClinton S. Meadow
3Girls 56 3.132274/29/23 12:00pmClinton G56 A3 - 5Leominster G56 AClinton S. Meadow
3Boys 56 3.142214/29/23 1:30pmClinton B56 C1 - 5Harvard B56 HClinton S. Meadow
3Boys 56 4.248174/29/23 1:30pmHudson B56 B0 - 5Clinton B56 AHudson Sauta Cornfield Athletic Area 2
3Boys 56 4.147214/29/23 1:30pmNashoba B56 C-Black0 - 5Clinton B56 BNashoba Lancaster Schools - Mary Rowlandson Elementary
3Boys 78 2.162244/29/23 4:30pmPepperell B78 United4 - 2Clinton B78 APepperell Leao 1 (11v11)
3Boys 9PG 1.185214/30/23 5:00pmClinton B9PG A Harvard B9PG VarsityTyngsboro Elementary School
4Girls 34 3.216225/6/23 9:00amClinton G34 B Tyngsboro G34 BClinton S. Meadow
4Girls 34 4.219265/6/23 9:00amClinton G34 C Pepperell G34 SoundersClinton S. Meadow
4Girls 34 1.111175/6/23 9:00amGroton-Dunst G34 A Clinton G34 AGroton-Dunst Cow Pond 1A
4Boys 34 2.223275/6/23 10:30amOakmont B34 A Clinton B34 BOakmont TRW Field Across from Wachusett Brewery
4Boys 34 2.224215/6/23 10:30amClinton B34 A Groton-Dunst B34 CClinton S. Meadow
4Boys 34 3.126295/6/23 10:30amFitchburg B34 B Clinton B34 CFitchburg High School
4Boys 34 4.230235/6/23 10:30amClinton B34 D Lunenburg B34 DClinton S. Meadow
4Girls 56 2.132305/6/23 12:00pmChairCity G56 O0 - 1Clinton G56 BChairCity Gardner High School
4Girls 56 2.132325/6/23 12:00pmHudson G56 A7 - 3Clinton G56 AHudson Sauta Cornfield Athletic Area 1
4Boys 56 3.142305/6/23 1:30pmClinton B56 C3 - 8Fitchburg B56 AClinton S. Meadow
4Boys 56 4.248225/6/23 1:30pmLittleton B56 C1 - 6Clinton B56 ALittleton Koerper Field
4Boys 56 4.147295/6/23 1:30pmFitchburg B56 B2 - 6Clinton B56 BFitchburg Moran Field
4Boys 78 2.162345/6/23 4:30pmClinton B78 A1 - 7Berlin B78 GreyClinton S. Meadow
4Boys 9PG 1.185265/7/23 3:00pmNashoba B9PG A Clinton B9PG ANashoba Forbush Fields
5Girls 34 3.215255/13/23 9:00amClinton G34 B Fitchburg G34 BClinton S. Meadow
5Girls 34 4.218285/13/23 9:00amAyer-Shirley G34 M Clinton G34 CAyer-Shirley Wilde Rd
5Girls 34 1.111195/13/23 9:00amClinton G34 A Nashoba G34 A-StowClinton S. Meadow
5Boys 34 2.222235/13/23 10:30amClinton B34 A Bolton B34 BClinton S. Meadow
5Boys 34 2.222265/13/23 10:30amAyer-Shirley B34 A Clinton B34 BAyer-Shirley Wilde Rd
5Boys 34 4.228295/13/23 10:30amClinton B34 D Fitchburg B34 CClinton S. Meadow
5Boys 34 3.326325/13/23 10:30amBerlin B34 White Clinton B34 CBerlin Berlin South Common
5Girls 56 3.134365/13/23 12:00pmOakmont G56 B2 - 3Clinton G56 BOakmont TRW Field Across from Wachusett Brewery
5Girls 56 3.134395/13/23 12:00pmClinton G56 A2 - 2Groton-Dunst G56 BClinton S. Meadow
5Boys 56 3.144395/13/23 1:30pmClinton B56 A8 - 4Townsend-Ashby B56 AClinton S. Meadow
5Boys 56 3.144405/13/23 1:30pmClinton B56 C6 - 2Hudson B56 AClinton S. Meadow
5Boys 56 3.346285/13/23 1:30pmChairCity B56 O4 - 3Clinton B56 BChairCity Gardner High School
5Boys 78 2.162375/13/23 4:30pmClinton B78 A1 - 4Hudson B78 AClinton S. Meadow
5Boys 9PG 1.185325/14/23 5:00pmClinton B9PG A Oakmont B9PG BHSAyer-Shirley Regional High School
6Girls 34 3.215275/20/23 9:00amLittleton G34 Red Clinton G34 BLittleton Koerper Field
6Girls 34 4.218345/20/23 9:00amClinton G34 C Leominster G34 BClinton S. Meadow
6Girls 34 1.111295/20/23 9:00amLittleton G34 White Clinton G34 ALittleton Koerper Field
6Boys 34 2.222295/20/23 10:30amClinton B34 A Ayer-Shirley B34 AClinton S. Meadow
6Boys 34 2.222305/20/23 10:30amChairCity B34 W Clinton B34 BChairCity Gardner High School
6Boys 34 4.228345/20/23 10:30amPepperell B34 Earthquakes Clinton B34 DPepperell Glow 3 (7v7)
6Boys 34 3.326385/20/23 10:30amClinton B34 C Bolton B34 DClinton S. Meadow
6Girls 56 3.134435/20/23 12:00pmBolton G56 B2 - 4Clinton G56 ABolton Forbush A
6Girls 56 3.134445/20/23 12:00pmClinton G56 B4 - 0Nashoba G56 BClinton S. Meadow
6Boys 56 3.144425/20/23 1:30pmTownsend-Ashby B56 A2 - 5Clinton B56 CTownsend-Ashby Squannacook Meadows 2
6Boys 56 3.346315/20/23 1:30pmLeominster B56 B - Clinton B56 BLeominster Samoset 9v9
6Boys 9PG 1.185365/21/23 5:00pmLeominster B9PG HS Clinton B9PG AAyer-Shirley Wilde Rd
6Boys 56 3.144445/23/23 6:00pmClinton B56 A5 - 6Berlin B56 GreyClinton S. Meadow
6Boys 78 2.162415/30/23 6:00pmClinton B78 A - Lunenburg B78 AClinton S. Meadow
7Girls 34 1.11137UnscheduledClinton G34 A Ayer-Shirley G34 AClinton S. Meadow
7Boys 78 2.162446/1/23 6:00pmBolton B78 A - Clinton B78 ABolton Forbush A
7Girls 34 3.215306/3/23 9:00amClinton G34 B Nashoba G34 B-StowClinton S. Meadow
7Girls 34 4.218386/3/23 9:00amLeominster G34 C Clinton G34 CLeominster Samoset 7v7 (Lower Right)
7Girls 34 1.111346/3/23 9:00amHudson G34 B Clinton G34 AHudson Quinn Middle School 1
7Boys 34 2.222346/3/23 10:30amPepperell B34 United Clinton B34 APepperell Glow 2 (7v7)
7Boys 34 2.222366/3/23 10:30amClinton B34 B Tyngsboro B34 FClinton S. Meadow
7Boys 34 4.228366/3/23 10:30amClinton B34 D Leominster B34 FClinton S. Meadow
7Boys 34 3.326396/3/23 10:30amNashoba B34 C-Stow Clinton B34 CNashoba Pine Bluffs
7Girls 56 3.134456/3/23 12:00pmFitchburg G56 B - Clinton G56 BFitchburg Moran Field
7Girls 56 3.134486/3/23 12:00pmChairCity G56 W - Clinton G56 AClinton S. Meadow
7Boys 56 3.144456/3/23 1:30pmBerlin B56 Grey - Clinton B56 CBerlin Berlin South Common
7Boys 56 3.144476/3/23 1:30pmNashoba B56 B - Clinton B56 ANashoba Pine Bluffs
7Boys 56 3.346376/3/23 1:30pmClinton B56 B - Groton-Dunst B56 CClinton S. Meadow
7Boys 9PG 1.185486/3/23 6:00pmMaynard B9PG O Clinton B9PG AMaynard Fowler Field 1 (9v9 and 11v11)
7Boys 9PG 1.185436/4/23 5:00pmClinton B9PG A Lunenburg B9PG BHSLunenburg Middle Grass Field with Bleachers
8Girls 34 3.215346/10/23 9:00amGroton-Dunst G34 B Clinton G34 BGroton-Dunst Cow Pond 1B
8Girls 34 4.218416/10/23 9:00amClinton G34 C Bolton G34 CClinton S. Meadow
8Boys 34 2.222416/10/23 10:30amChairCity B34 W Clinton B34 AChairCity Gardner High School
8Boys 34 2.222426/10/23 10:30amClinton B34 B Maynard B34 OClinton S. Meadow
8Boys 34 4.228426/10/23 10:30amLittleton B34 Green Clinton B34 DLittleton Community Track
8Boys 34 3.326456/10/23 10:30amClinton B34 C Nashoba B34 B-StowClinton S. Meadow
8Girls 56 3.134526/10/23 12:00pmClinton G56 A - Fitchburg G56 BClinton S. Meadow
8Girls 56 3.134546/10/23 12:00pmClinton G56 B - ChairCity G56 WClinton S. Meadow
8Boys 56 3.144486/10/23 1:30pmHudson B56 A - Clinton B56 AHudson Sauta Cornfield Athletic Area 1
8Boys 56 3.144506/10/23 1:30pmClinton B56 C - Nashoba B56 BClinton S. Meadow
8Boys 56 3.346406/10/23 1:30pmClinton B56 B - Nashoba B56 C-GreenClinton S. Meadow
8Boys 78 2.162536/10/23 4:30pmTownsend-Ashby B78 A - Clinton B78 ATownsend-Ashby Squannacook Meadows 1
Organization Members
Club PresidentAllison Bamforth508-864-2452Contact
Club Vice PresidentSabrina TiruContact
Club RegistrarSabrina TiruContact
Club Treasurer
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Field Scheduler
NVYSL Representative
Boys Director
Girls Director
Clinton Youth Soccer Details
Organization ID: CLIN
Organizational Colors: Green and Black
Organizational Address:
9 Horseshoe Lane
Clinton, MA 01510