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Berlin Youth Soccer

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Berlin Youth Soccer Standings
TeamSubdivisionWLTFPTSGFGA+/-CoachA. Coach
Berlin B34 Grey
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Boys 34 D2.1Peter ManciniLaura Williamson
Berlin B56 Grey
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Boys 56 D3.261101925817John CharltonAntonio Goes
Berlin G34 Grey
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Girls 34 D3.2Julie FeloStephanie Cummings
Berlin G34 White
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Girls 34 D4.3Jon GlumacElizabeth Alberts
Berlin G56 Grey
changed subdivisions, standings reflect all games played.
Girls 56 D3.143101314122Dan SirpenskiJulie Felo
Berlin Games

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WKSubdivisionGame #Game TimeHome TeamScoreAway TeamField
1Girls 34 3.214129/10/22 9:00amBerlin G34 Grey Hudson G34 ABerlin South Common
1Girls 34 4.217159/10/22 9:00amBoylston G34 Deglialberti Berlin G34 WhiteBoylston Hillside
1Boys 34 3.124129/10/22 10:30amOakmont B34 A Berlin B34 GreyOakmont TRW Field
1Girls 56 4.134129/10/22 12:00pmGroton-Dunst G56 B1 - 5Berlin G56 GreyGroton-Dunst Cow Pond 3
1Boys 56 4.247119/10/22 1:30pmTownsend-Ashby B56 B0 - 6Berlin B56 GreyTownsend-Ashby Squannacook Meadows 2
2Girls 34 3.114189/17/22 9:00amTownsend-Ashby G34 A Berlin G34 GreyTownsend-Ashby Squannacook Meadows 2a
2Girls 34 4.317199/17/22 9:00amBerlin G34 White Harvard G34 LeopardsBerlin South Common
2Boys 34 3.124179/17/22 10:30amMaynard B34 O Berlin B34 GreyMaynard Fowler Field 2 (7v7)
2Girls 56 3.134159/17/22 12:00pmBerlin G56 Grey2 - 1Bolton G56 ABerlin South Common
2Boys 56 3.247219/17/22 1:30pmBerlin B56 Grey5 - 0Ayer-Shirley B56 ZBerlin South Common
3Girls 34 3.214229/24/22 9:00amBerlin G34 Grey Nashoba G34 GreenBBerlin South Common
3Girls 34 4.117229/24/22 9:00amMaynard G34 B Berlin G34 WhiteMaynard Fowler Field 3 (7v7)
3Boys 34 2.124239/24/22 10:30amBerlin B34 Grey Pepperell B34 UnitedBerlin South Common
3Girls 56 3.134199/24/22 12:00pmBerlin G56 Grey1 - 1Harvard G56 RBerlin South Common
3Boys 56 4.147239/24/22 1:30pmLittleton B56 C2 - 4Berlin B56 GreyLittleton High School C
4Girls 34 4.3142510/1/22 9:00amLittleton G34 Red Berlin G34 GreyLittleton High School C
4Girls 34 4.3172910/1/22 9:00amBerlin G34 White Tyngsboro G34 BBerlin South Common
4Boys 34 2.1242910/1/22 10:30amBerlin B34 Grey Groton-Dunst B34 CBerlin South Common
4Girls 56 2.1352010/1/22 12:00pmLunenburg G56 A4 - 1Berlin G56 GreyLunenburg Middle Grass Field with Bleachers
4Boys 56 3.2473210/1/22 1:30pmBerlin B56 Grey1 - 1Harvard B56 WBerlin South Common
5Girls 34 3.2153210/15/22 9:00amBerlin G34 Grey NorthQuabbin G34 ABerlin South Common
5Boys 34 2.1223210/15/22 10:30amBerlin B34 Grey Harvard B34 TornadosBerlin South Common
5Girls 56 3.1342710/15/22 12:00pmBerlin G56 Grey1 - 0ChairCity G56 OBerlin South Common
5Boys 56 3.2452310/15/22 1:30pmBerlin B56 Grey1 - 0Nashoba B56 CBerlin South Common
5Girls 34 4.3193211/2/22 5:00pmGroton-Dunst G34 C Berlin G34 WhiteGroton-Dunst Cow Pond 3B
6Girls 34 3.2153610/22/22 9:00amPepperell G34 United Berlin G34 GreyPepperell Glow 1 (7v7)
6Girls 34 4.3193510/22/22 9:00amBerlin G34 White Ayer-Shirley G34 NBerlin South Common
6Boys 34 2.1223610/22/22 10:30amGroton-Dunst B34 A Berlin B34 GreyGroton-Dunst Cow Pond 2A
6Girls 56 3.1343410/22/22 12:00pmChairCity G56 W2 - 1Berlin G56 GreyChairCity Gardner High School
6Boys 56 3.2452610/22/22 1:30pmGroton-Dunst B56 B2 - 1Berlin B56 GreyGroton-Dunst Cow Pond 3
7Girls 34 3.2153710/29/22 9:00amBerlin G34 Grey Nashoba G34 GreenBBerlin South Common
7Girls 34 4.3194410/29/22 9:00amLeominster G34 B Berlin G34 WhiteLeominster Samoset 7v7 (Upper)
7Boys 34 2.1224510/29/22 10:30amLeominster B34 B Berlin B34 GreyLeominster Samoset 7v7 (Lower Right)
7Girls 56 3.1344610/29/22 12:00pmBerlin G56 Grey2 - 1Clinton G56 BBerlin South Common
7Boys 56 3.2453110/29/22 1:30pmNorthQuabbin B56 A2 - 4Berlin B56 GreyNorthQuabbin Athol Royalston Middle School
8Girls 34 3.2154211/5/22 9:00amNashoba G34 BlackB Berlin G34 GreyNashoba Pine Bluffs
8Girls 34 4.3194511/5/22 9:00amBerlin G34 White Littleton G34 RedBerlin South Common
8Boys 34 2.1224711/5/22 10:30amBerlin B34 Grey Groton-Dunst B34 BBerlin South Common
8Girls 56 3.1344911/5/22 12:00pmPepperell G56 United2 - 1Berlin G56 GreyPepperell Varnum 1 (9v9)
8Boys 56 3.2453311/5/22 1:30pmBerlin B56 Grey3 - 1Leominster B56 BBerlin South Common
Organization Members
Club PresidentJamie muldoonContact
Club Vice PresidentJill JohnsonContact
Club RegistrarJon GlumacContact
Club Treasurer
Referee Assignor
Field Scheduler
NVYSL RepresentativeLaura Williamson978-855-3932Contact
Boys Director
Girls Director
Berlin Youth Soccer Details
Organization ID: BRLN
Organizational Colors: Grey and White
Organizational Address:
2 Kendall Lane
Berlin, MA 01503