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Boylston Youth Soccer

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Boylston Games

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WKSubdivisionGame #Game TimeHome TeamScoreAway TeamFieldNotes
1Boys 34 5.13014UnscheduledPepperell B34 Timbers Boylston B34 AielloPepperell Glow 3 (7v7)
1Girls 34 2.213154/13/24 9:00amBoylston G34 Baer Littleton G34 WhiteBoylston Hillside
1Boys 34 4.329124/13/24 10:30amBoylston B34 Suhl Maynard B34 GBoylston Hillside
1Girls 56 4.137124/13/24 12:00pmTownsend-Ashby G56 Lightning - Boylston G56 HunterTownsend-Ashby Squannacook Meadows 2
1Boys 56 3.245164/13/24 1:30pmBoylston B56 Goulet3 - 4Tyngsboro B56 RedBoylston Hillside
1Boys 56 3.144114/13/24 1:30pmLittleton B56 White7 - 1Boylston B56 OliveiraLittleton Koerper 2
1Girls 78 3.154124/13/24 3:00pmBoylston G78 Frongillo - Hudson G78 RedBoylston Hillside
1Girls 34 3.114134/17/24 6:00pmLittleton G34 Maroon Boylston G34 GouletLittleton Koerper 2
2Girls 34 2.213194/20/24 9:00amMaynard G34 O Boylston G34 BaerMaynard Fowler Field 3 (7v7)
2Girls 34 3.114214/20/24 9:00amBoylston G34 Goulet Groton-Dunst G34 CBoylston Hillside
2Boys 34 4.329174/20/24 10:30amBoylston B34 Suhl Leominster B34 IBoylston Hillside
2Boys 34 5.130204/20/24 10:30amGroton-Dunst B34 E Boylston B34 AielloGroton-Dunst Cow Pond 1A
2Girls 56 4.137174/20/24 12:00pmLunenburg G56 B - Boylston G56 HunterLunenburg Middle Grass Field West (TCP)
2Boys 56 3.245184/20/24 1:30pmChairCity B56 Orange - Boylston B56 GouletChairCity Gardner High School
2Boys 56 3.144174/20/24 1:30pmBoylston B56 Oliveira - Townsend-Ashby B56 ThunderBoylston Hillside
2Girls 78 3.154244/20/24 3:00pmBoylston G78 Frongillo - Clinton G78 ABoylston Hillside
3Girls 34 2.213214/27/24 9:00amBoylston G34 Baer Leominster G34 ABoylston Hillside
3Girls 34 3.114244/27/24 9:00amAyer-Shirley G34 B Boylston G34 GouletAyer-Shirley Wilde Rd
3Boys 34 4.329194/27/24 10:30amFitchburg B34 C Boylston B34 SuhlFitchburg High School
3Boys 34 5.130234/27/24 10:30amBoylston B34 Aiello Maynard B34 SBoylston Hillside
3Girls 56 4.137234/27/24 12:00pmBoylston G56 Hunter - Fitchburg G56 ABoylston Hillside
3Boys 56 3.245284/27/24 1:30pmLeominster B56 B - Boylston B56 GouletLeominster Samoset 9v9
3Boys 56 3.144204/27/24 1:30pmBoylston B56 Oliveira - Bolton B56 BBoylston Hillside
3Girls 78 3.154274/27/24 3:00pmNashoba G78 B - Boylston G78 FrongilloNashoba Regional High School - Lower Field
4Girls 34 2.213265/4/24 9:00amOakmont G34 A Boylston G34 BaerOakmont TRW Field Across from Wachusett Brewery
4Girls 34 3.114345/4/24 9:00amBoylston G34 Goulet Nashoba G34 B-LancasterBoylston Hillside
4Boys 34 4.329255/4/24 10:30amLittleton B34 Maroon Boylston B34 SuhlLittleton Koerper 2
4Boys 34 5.130305/4/24 10:30amBoylston B34 Aiello Littleton B34 OrangeBoylston Hillside
4Girls 56 4.137305/4/24 12:00pmBoylston G56 Hunter - Maynard G56 BBoylston Hillside
4Boys 56 3.245295/4/24 1:30pmBoylston B56 Goulet - Maynard B56 BBoylston Hillside
4Boys 56 3.144235/4/24 1:30pmChairCity B56 Black - Boylston B56 OliveiraChairCity Gardner High School
4Girls 78 3.154355/4/24 3:00pmGroton-Dunst G78 B - Boylston G78 FrongilloGroton-Dunst Cow Pond 2
Organization Members
Club PresidentJames Frongillo
Club Vice PresidentJoel Goulet508-579-5632
Club RegistrarJessica Rubinow
Club Treasurer
Referee AssignorJenny Johnson
Field Scheduler
NVYSL RepresentativeMarcio Barreto9154494911
Boys Director
Girls Director
Boylston Youth Soccer Details
Organization ID: BOYL
Organizational Colors: Green, Black, and White
Organizational Address: