NVYSL Coaches Checklist

❶ Pre-Season  

❑ Ensure that you have received your Massachusetts Youth Soccer (MYSA) coaching credentials from your Club.  

❑ Ensure that you have received your NVYSL Valid Team Roster and NVYSL Referee Field Cards from your Club.  

❑ Copy your NVYSL Valid Team Roster and keep multiple copies in your car and equipment bag.  

❑ Inventory your equipment bag: practice balls, 2 match balls, pinnies, pump with needle, cones, first aid kit, etc.  

❷ Pre-Match  

❑ Contact your opposing Coach several days before your match.  

❑ Bring 1 copy of your NVYSL Valid Team Roster with all uniform numbers listed to give to the Referee.  ❑ Wear your Mass Youth Soccer Coaching Credentials at all times.  

❑ Ensure all Player equipment is in good order, including enforcement of no jewelry and no casts.  

❑ Convene a pre-match meeting with the Referees and your opposing Coach 15 minutes before kickoff.  

If you are the Home Team:  

❑ Confirm your field is open for play.  

❑ Bring at least 2 properly inflated soccer balls of the correct size to serve as match balls.  

❑ Fill in the required information (Match ID, Date, Time, Division, Flight, Home & Vising Team Names, Field, Location) on the NVYSL Referee Field Card.  

 If you are the Vising Team:  

❑ Bring enough pinnies for your Team and goalkeeper to use as alternate jersey colors.  


❸ During Match  

❑ Send all substitutes to the center of the touchline to obtain Referee permission before entering the match.  

❑ Keep all personnel clear of the center of the touchline, to eliminate confusion about pending substitutions.  

❑ Keep off the field, stay only on your half, and stay 4 feet behind the touchline (i.e., inside the Technical Area). 

❑ Ensure that your Team’s Spectators remain 4 feet behind the touchline.  

❑ Respect the NVYSL Zero Tolerance Policy and set a positive example for your Players and Spectators.  

❑ Closely monitor all aspects of Participant safety, and be prepared to respond to unsafe conditions.  

❑ Pay close attention to Player injuries, especially blows to the head and/or possible concussions.  


❹ Post-Match  

❑ Lead the post-match handshake line: shake the opposing Coach’s hand at the front of the line, then step out of line beside Referees to monitor the handshake conduct of all Players. Remain to shake opposing Players’ hands at the end of the line. Encourage your Players to shake hands with the Referee.  

❑ Confirm the final score with the Referee and opposing Coach.  

❑ Remind Players to recover all personal property, and to leave the bench area cleaner than when they arrived. 

❑ Report match results, including any special notes, within 24 hours.  

❑ Complete an online Referee evaluation, sharing both positive and negative feedback.  


❺ Postponements and Match Rescheduling (see Section 2, Chapter 5 Rescheduling)  

❑ Matches may only be re-scheduled if the Host Club closes the field, if the Referee suspends due to unsafe conditions, or if both Coaches mutually agree to reschedule at least 10 days in advance.  

❑ Home Coach notifies the opposing Coach and Grade Director to confirm the match postponement.  

To reschedule a match, you need an Opponent, a Field, a Referee, and approval by NVYSL Grade Director:  

❑ Agree on a mutually acceptable date & me with your opposing Coach.  

❑ Home Coach works with Host Club’s Field Director and Referee Director to confirm field and referee availability at the proposed date, me, and location of the rescheduled match.  

❑ Both Coaches confirm reschedule arrangements with their NVYSL Grade Director for final approval.