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G34 Rec 3.1 Schedule (Team InformationTop of Page)
Game IDDateTime Home TeamScore Visiting TeamScore Field
Week 1
301 09/10/2016 9:00am   Littleton G34-1H C -   Harvard G34-1H B -    MapQuest  Littleton Koerper 2
302 09/10/2016 9:00am   Leominster G34-1H B -   Lunenburg G34-1H A -    MapQuest  Leominster Samoset 7v7 (Lower Right)
303 09/10/2016 9:00am   Fitchburg G34-1H A -   Oakmont G34-1H B -    MapQuest  Fitchburg Coolidge
304 09/10/2016 9:00am   Clinton G34-1H A -   Groton-Dunstable G34-1H C -  
305 09/10/2016 9:00am   Hudson G34-1H B -   Tyngsboro G34-1H A -    MapQuest  Hudson Cherry Street Fields (7V7-2)
Week 2
306 09/17/2016 9:00am   Lunenburg G34-1H A -   Hudson G34-1H B -    MapQuest  Lunenburg Willard Park #14A (Devens)
307 09/17/2016 9:00am   Harvard G34-1H B -   Clinton G34-1H A -    MapQuest  Harvard Waite B
308 09/17/2016 9:00am   Groton-Dunstable G34-1H C -   Leominster G34-1H B -    MapQuest  Groton Dunstable Larter Field 1B
309 09/17/2016 9:00am   Oakmont G34-1H B -   Littleton G34-1H C -    MapQuest  Oakmont TRW
310 09/17/2016 9:00am   Tyngsboro G34-1H A -   Fitchburg G34-1H A -    MapQuest  Tyngsboro BM1
Week 3
311 09/24/2016 9:00am   Hudson G34-1H B -   Fitchburg G34-1H A -    MapQuest  Hudson Cherry Street Fields (7V7-2)
312 09/24/2016 9:00am   Lunenburg G34-1H A -   Groton-Dunstable G34-1H C -    MapQuest  Lunenburg Willard Park #14A (Devens)
313 09/24/2016 9:00am   Clinton G34-1H A -   Oakmont G34-1H B -  
314 09/24/2016 9:00am   Leominster G34-1H B -   Harvard G34-1H B -    MapQuest  Leominster Samoset 7v7 (Lower Right)
315 09/24/2016 9:00am   Littleton G34-1H C -   Tyngsboro G34-1H A -    MapQuest  Littleton Koerper 2
Week 4
316 10/01/2016 9:00am   Groton-Dunstable G34-1H C -   Hudson G34-1H B -    MapQuest  Groton Dunstable Larter Field 1B
317 10/01/2016 9:00am   Fitchburg G34-1H A -   Littleton G34-1H C -    MapQuest  Fitchburg Coolidge
318 10/01/2016 9:00am   Harvard G34-1H B -   Lunenburg G34-1H A -    MapQuest  Harvard Waite B
319 10/01/2016 9:00am   Oakmont G34-1H B -   Leominster G34-1H B -    MapQuest  Oakmont TRW
320 10/01/2016 9:00am   Tyngsboro G34-1H A -   Clinton G34-1H A -    MapQuest  Tyngsboro BM1
G34 Rec 3.1 Team Information (ScheduleTop of Page)
Team NameUniform ColorCoachAssistant CoachClub
Clinton G34-1H A   Green   Erin Keenan   Kelly Michaud  Clinton Youth Soccer
Fitchburg G34-1H A   Red   Robbie Liotta   Ang Louangsabouth  Fitchburg Youth Soccer
Groton-Dunstable G34-1H C   Maroon   Chris Furcola   Erik Plotkin  Groton-Dunstable Youth Soccer Club
Harvard G34-1H B   Navy   Ted Mara   Jerry Juliano  Harvard Soccer Club
Hudson G34-1H B   Red   Andrew Burnett   Ted Azar  Hudson Youth Soccer Association
Leominster G34-1H B   Blue   Chris Vettese   Austin Baker  Leominster Youth Soccer
Littleton G34-1H C   Navy and Gold   Dave Lelievre   Steele McCurdy  Littleton Youth Soccer Club
Lunenburg G34-1H A   White   Michele Allan   Laurel Mabon / Bryan Sanderson  Lunenburg Youth Soccer Association
Oakmont G34-1H B   Green   Kevin Horgan   John Mulhall  Oakmont Outlaws
Tyngsboro G34-1H A   Red   Gared Flooed     Tyngsboro Youth Soccer Association

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