Our Commitment to Social Justice

There is no room for discrimination, microaggression, or unconscious bias on our youth soccer fields.  Anything that disenfranchises members of our community on the basis of sex, race, religion, immigration status, gender identification, socioeconomics, disability, etc. is a direct attack against our constitutional mission.

While we cannot hope to cure these ills in the short term, we can begin by simply stating a commitment to equity in our youth soccer community.  NVYSL affirms and echoes the statement made by United States Youth Soccer (USYS) at :

NVYSL rejects all racism, hatred, intolerance, inequity and violence.  We will strive to listen, learn and act positively to confront hatred, make change and inspire peace.  We are stronger when we unite as one voice.

Playing Safely During COVID-19
The safety of every participant in our youth soccer community is priority #1.  For information about policies and procedures governing our return to travel soccer during the COVID-19 pandemic, please consult the suite of resources at the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association COVID-19 Hub :
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