2016 10Cup Invitation letter:

2016 10Cup Jamboree Flyer:


Important Rules Changes for Spring 2016 Season

1. A substitution may take place at any stoppage of play with permission from the referee.

2. Deliberate heading is not permitted in U10 or U12 matches. The restart is an IFK awarded to the opponents at the spot of the infraction.

3. The post-match handshake ceremony has changed. Coaches will now lead the lines, shake hands with each other, then step out of the lines in order to observe the players as they proceed.


! Effective Immediately: Per Massachusetts Youth Soccer Policies, heading is no longer permissible in practice or in matches for the grade 3/4 age group (also known as U10). Heading is no longer permissible in matches for the grade 5/6 age group (also known as U12). Heading training is permissible for this age group but not for any child age 10 or younger playing up.

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